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Air Quality Services: Mold, Bacteria, and Particulates

Water damage accounts for billions of dollars in homeowner property loss each year. Mold is an unfortunate by-product of moisture intrusion. CES’s team of certified mold inspectors provides mold inspection and sampling services to clients experiencing known or suspected mold issues. Mold building inspections and sampling, for both viable and non-viable mold, has been routinely conducted on a wide-variety of properties including health-care facilities, commercial facilities, residential properties, and schools. CES inspectors are trained in various sampling methods including but not limited to air sampling (including wall cavity sampling), bulk sampling such as tape lift sampling, and carpet check sampling. CES doesn’t leave the client with laboratory results and no solutions. Our approach to addressing moisture intrusion issues is two-pronged. During mold inspections we thoroughly investigate the source(s) of moisture causing mold growth and present remedial options to our clients. We work with clients to address the source of the moisture before recommending the steps to remediate the fungal growth.

CES has also completed bacteria and particulate sampling at a variety of property types. We have the expertise to complete any and all of your air quality sampling needs.

Contact us at 812-909-0829 or for more information concerning our air quality sampling services.

Air Quality Services: Mold, Bacteria, and Particulates: Service
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