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Soil, Water, & Vapor Intrusion Services

Characterization, Inspection, Testing, Monitoring & Remediation

Many environmental services are interlaced with each other. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifies Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) and the Phase II investigates them. Sometimes the Phase II ESA leads to a Phase III Remediation that includes the need for soil, groundwater, and vapor intrusion services. The State and Federal Regulations drive the need for these services. CES has many years’ experience, 28 to be exact, working through these steps that include:

• Site Characterization - Utilized to define the horizontal and vertical extent of existing contamination.
• Paired Sub-Slab and Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Sampling – Initiated to protect the occupants of a building where contamination is near or under it.
• Monitoring – Quarterly sampling of monitoring wells during remediation projects, site characterization projects, monitored natural attenuation projects, and plume stability studies.
• Remediation – Removal, treatment, extraction, or just monitoring contamination at a site. There are many methods employed such as In-Situ Chemical Oxidation, Soil Vapor Extraction, Air Sparging, Dual-Phase Extraction, Enhanced Bioremediaton, etc. CES has many methods at its disposal. We make decisions for remediation to protect human health and the environment with the client’s interest and cost capabilities at heart.

Soil, Water, & Vapor Intrusion Services: Service
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