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The Crane Approach to Doing Business

Crane Environmental Services, LLC is a full service environmental engineering firm located in Southwestern Indiana. Crane Environmental Services (CES) has been in business since 1988 providing a wide range of engineering and environmental service to residential and commercial clients. Offering exceptional and professional service, CES provides ecological, environmental and engineering services, with recognizable quality to customers and clients. Extensive knowledge in cutting edge procedures and technology allows CES to meet the goals and objectives set forth by any client with unbeatable results.


CES is a certified Disadvantaged/Woman Business Enterprise in Indiana, offering solutions and expertise for many residential and commercial services from environmental site assessments to permitting to mold testing. Meeting needs is one of the most important aspects of making a project successful, for us as well as the client. Finding solutions by implementing well thought out processes and designs, in conjunction with lending client support in order to attain objectives, is the foundation of our organization.


As a result of the small size of our firm, CES maintains a high degree of control over our projects allowing for efficient execution without the unnecessary overhead of minor support staff. Each team member contributes to the project with a unique technical expertise and all options are discussed, ensuring the most resourceful, economical and sound method is chosen. In order to ensure your happiness in the outcome of a project, client involvement is encouraged during the entire process. Our focus is on good client relations, continual communication, and honest and accurate representation of all data. We want your experience with CES to be positive, open, and user friendly.


Developing land resources takes special individuals with a special vision in order to maximize the available resources and minimize the disturbance of the natural beauty of the land. Navigating through the environmental and regulatory process to bring “The Vision” to fruition is not always easy. CES offers the knowledge and expertise to make it easy! 


At Crane Environmental Services, LLC our philosophy is clear. We believe that the environment is our greatest asset for the future, and we spend our days at work and at home doing our best to preserve it. CES vows that we will unite current technology with nature to ensure that we have clean water to drink, clean air to breath, and clean soil in which to grow our future.

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